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julien pacaud
Hold music is perfectly formulated to give me ulcers and panic attacks. Not because it is a poor-quality recording of (usually) poor-quality music, but because the recording is SO poor that any quiet portions of the tune are obliterated, creating long, silent pauses that make me snap to attention because it sounds like someone picked up. Then the tinny kazoo-through-a-distortion-pedal music comes back, or gets interrupted again by the polite robot reciting dadaist poetry with postmodern/nihilistic influences:

thank you
for your patience

all representative
are still busy assisting other callers

your call is important to us
please remain on the line

your call will be answered
in the order it was

Since December 26, I have called the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, trying to get help with the error message I get with my online application, about thirty times. This is the first time I've actually gotten through to a machine instead of my call getting disconnected due to "high call volume", and I feel like I should think this is progress, but I just want to tear my own head off. Tell my mother I love her.

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Mozart played on a toy xylophone is my favourite.

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