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Home, sick
julien pacaud
Things I have already accomplished today:

  • made rad get-healthy scramble for breakfast (onion, kale, orange pepper, eggs)

  • cleaned toilet

  • scooped litterbox

  • swept bathroom floor

Things I could do today:

  • mend favorite sweater

  • order new glasses

  • get a dentist appointment

  • work on comic page

  • make sick day comics

  • watch TV (Bones, Upstairs/Downstairs, Xena, Voyager)

  • fold laundry

  • do dishes

  • update LJ

The weather is cooperating by being the kind of gross that I would never want to go out in, so I don't feel lazy blobbing around the house.  How much of that list will I actually accomplish?  We'll see.

Dear LJ friends, I am doing okay.  Things are actually looking way sunnier than my last couple of posts make it seem.  I am taking care of myself, Emma is taking care of me.  Soon we have some dear friends visiting us for a weekend, and the next week I start scientific illustration classes at UW and then turn around and fly to the east coast for my brother's (second) wedding.  Work is hard but it doesn't suck, and I'm actually making pretty good money.

I'm also debating coming out to my parents/family (almost in time for National Coming Out Day!) the weekend that we'll be on the east coast.  I'm trying to figure out the most considerate, controlled-environment way of doing it.  The wedding weekend seems selfish, like I'm co-opting my brother's big moment, but over the phone is too impersonal and I think it would be nerve-wracking not to be able to see my parents' faces.  And I could wait until December and Christmas, but I've already lied several times (or not lied exactly but withheld the whole truth) and I really hate it.

Coming out as what, anyway?
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