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I'm not okay (I promise)
julien pacaud

I am super fucking embarrassed by this but I am falling back on songs and images of Gerard Way and mid-'00s My Chemical Romance as a sort of emotional crutch/self-harm method slash gender inspiration.  Gerard Way's image epitomized the kind of boi/boy I wished I was throughout high school--damaged, effeminate, obviously vulnerable and viciously defensive.

I'm not embarrassed because the band is embarrassing, but because Way has vehemently denied the band's frequent 'emo' classification and described the whole genre as "fucking garbage" which, come on asshole, look at your existence.  You are advertising yourself as a Christ figure for the downtrodden freaks, of fucking course all the damaged kids who want to open up their insides are flocking to you.  Get a little accountability and maybe don't stomp all over the things that make them feel a little better.

But god, his fucking face.  I wanted to be able to flip my hair like that, but not as who I was.  I wanted to be that kind of wounded, but not as a girl.

I am not afraid to keep on living.

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I love this, and I think you're completely right.

I love this. I was never super into My Chemical Romance's music, but there was definitely a period where I thought Gerard Way was the most attractive man alive. I would maybe still stand by that.

Anyway, you sum up that whole look really well "damaged, effeminate, obviously vulnerable and viciously defensive." I never would've been able to peg it as that when I was in the midst of high school, but yes. YES. It perfectly describes the kind of boys I was attracted to in that era.

In short, he is GREAT gender inspiration.

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