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Oh hello
julien pacaud
We are moving, somewhere, next month. There are two apartments that look great and the landlord and -lady of both are pretty much ready to offer them to us.

I am FREAKING OUT. One is a dream apartment that's at the upper end of what we can afford, huge, wood floors, finished attic, ridiculously fabulous view, rooftop deck, etc. The other is lots smaller and has a sort of weird layout and a seriously tiny kitchen, but is still quite nice and a bit cheaper.  WHAT TO DOOOO

Really this is silly because when we split the rent for the two of us, the smaller place is only a little more than $100 cheaper per month, and that doesn't include utilities.  I still feel pretty sure the bigger place is worth the extra cash.  I'm only flipping out because I had to avert a crisis at work where I double-booked myself in the flying trapeze tent and in the gym.  I was about to whine about it on Facebook, but I've already posted a lot today, and then I remembered livejournal, which is practically formatted specifically for whining.  

Hey guys!  I'm alive!  What's up?

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Omg bigger place sounds completely awesome! Dreamy dream apartment! Beacon Hill?
(Yay averting crisis! Boo to stress of averting crisis.)

Not Beacon Hill, sadly, which is really the only reason we are having any strife about it at all. It's technically in Leschi? But who has even heard of that neighborhood; it's practically Central district.

Yay! New apartment! :D

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